Blogs that I read

Newly Discovered Faves:

Ella Epicured – brilliant posts and such yummy pictures!

Elephant Heart Blog – Newly found, but loving so far! Very funny fellow foodie 🙂

Cooking with a Wallflower – Yummy healthy recipes!

The Last Half Stone – One ladies weight loss journey really good read, show some support guys! 🙂

Vittle Monster – This guy is always on my reader and he eats such yummy food…

My Favourite Vegan blogs:

Maple Spice

The Rawsome Life

Oh She Glows 

Healthy. Happy. Life.


The Vegan Chickpea

We don’t eat anything with a face – I’m not sure this is vegan, I think its vegetarian but lots of great recipes!

The Veg Space

Lustrous Musings

Tinned Tomatoes

Food Blogs from around the world:

Emily’s Recipes and Reviews

The Unmanly Chef

100 Days of Real Food

The Bare Midriff


Kitchen Scribble

Farm Fresh Feasts

Eat Drink Nourish

Closet Cooking

Savoury Simple

Fig and Quince

My Persian Kitchen

I am a food blog – features some of my favourite flavour combinations and great for inspiration!

Fiercely Fresh

Bon Appetit Hon

Other Blogs that I read that aren’t Food ones:

One Bad Yogi


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