How Not to Handle Criticism and Positive Thinking.

I haven’t blogged since the 12th of February! That’s a huge deal for someone who usually posts every three days! But thank you to those who have been reading my previous posts anyway! I can see you in my stats and you all give me warm, fuzzy feelings!

A part of my recent problem was that I have only just lifted my head out of the blanket of illness that swamped my house. I should have seen it coming given that students around me were dropping like flies! But the first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, Josh came down with the flu. Of course, I played the part of the doting wife, made him soup, gave him medicine – and came down with the same flu the next day! It’s been really hard to shift and made me feel awful – but I finally feel like I’ve turned the corner and I’m feeling much better!

University has really put it’s foot on the accelerator recently too – I’ve got two essays due in on the same day in a couple of weeks time, a poster presentation due the week after that and an online test to do somewhere in between. It’s all been a bit mad and I spent both days this weekend in the Drill Hall Library on Campus with the other hardcore’s with their bottles of lucozade and packets of hobnobs! I fully embraced the student style and I can honestly say I am really proud of my essays and how much work I’ve done. It’s two weeks until the deadline and they are both nearly finished (minus all the mad last minute tweaks!). Poster presentation is next and it’s group work so that can be challenging – but I’m in a really good group with people who work just as hard as me so I don’t foresee too many problems.

The last problem that has held me back from writing recently is that apparently I do not handle criticism well – especially if it’s not constructive and I can’t act on it. Josh has recently started blogging and his blog has taken off like wildfire! He was posting some links to his articles online so people could see it and share it – and he offered to do the same for me. It certainly worked and so many people have stopped by in the last couple of months to read my posts and take a look around – it was really nice to see that people were enjoying what I was writing. Until… Duh Duh Durn! I got some negative comments.

It’s stupid – I know. But I put my hands up – It really bothered me that someone else didn’t like what I was writing and thought that I was silly and what I was writing was just plain wrong. Their words were not very kind and their criticism was personal and not constructive – and it bothered me. Josh saw it and told me not to worry about it – he’s probably completely forgotten about it by now! Everyone I mentioned it to told me not to worry about it – it was just one comment. But it hurt a bit because I put so much of my energy into this.

So I’ve been thinking over the last few weeks about what it means to have a food blog and be a blogger. I did a lot of thinking about why I have this blog, why I’m keeping it and what it means to me. This is what I came up with:

  1. I like writing. I like food. I like writing about food.
  2. It’s nice to have a space to share the recipes and foods that I’m trying and learning how to cook. It’s a big learning curve as a student/wife and it’s fun to document it. Other people can read my journey just as I read theirs. Feel free to learn from my mistakes
  3. I shouldn’t care about what one person on the internet, hiding behind their computer screen, thinks of this blog. That was dumb and I should stop it. You should always do what you love and you shouldn’t do it for other people. It’s so nice to create that community but sometimes people just like to be mean for the sake of it – you shouldn’t let it get you down.

So here I am back at my laptop with a new positive attitude and a clean bill of health. Ready to get back to writing and armed with a little pink notebook where I’ve been keeping all my blogging ideas over the last few weeks.

I’m going to try and be a bit more healthy. I know I wrote quite a long time ago that I was trying to eat more vegetarian meals into my diet. I’m still doing that – but I’ve recently been reading the new cookbook by Deliciously Ella. She’s seriously cool and although I don’t feel like I can adopt a complete plant based diet (my budget and time will not allow) – I think we can all do something to improve our health can’t we? I keep saying I’m going to try and be healthier – I really have no excuse as a nutrition student – I think if my lecturers saw how many chocolate biscuits I just ate whilst writing this post – they would probably have something to say!

If you’ve stuck with me this far, well done and thank you! I’ll be back posting about yummy food again soon! x

IMG_6200    IMG_6232


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