Exploring Edinburgh – The last *Honeymoon* post!

It’s happened! I have reached the end of the series of posts I wanted to make about our honeymoon :’)

We had such a great time it’s been nice to come back and cement the memories down in words! I’ve written about lots of the foodie antics we got up to but I thought it might be nice to write about some of the other things we got up to while we were there! Some of these still have a foodie theme (this is me we are talking about after all) but they didn’t really warrant a post all of their own.

My first mention was the farmers market we visited on the Sunday. This little market on Saunders Street was dinky in size and although it was a farmer’s market it was full of stalls selling soap, crafty items as well as homemade cakes and a french baguette stall. We found a little stall selling homemade cakes, biscuits and sweets and we decided to try an Oatie! This little guy is basically two oat biscuits sandwiched together by a nice big dollop of buttercream! It was yummy but too big to finish on my own! Josh was only too happy to help me with it.

IMG_5959      IMG_5958

The market itself was right next to a river. One thing Edinburgh was amazing for the views. Everywhere you looked there was beautiful Georgian buildings, churches, monuments. The place is quite literally steeped in history. It was so nice to walk around and soak it all up!

Me and Josh also got to learn about our history too! Josh (from his Dad) is from the Graham (of Montrose) Clan whereas if you go back in my family (to my great-grandparents) I am from the Robertson Clan. We found these little books in several souvenir shops that told stories of famous things that happened in the Clan’s history.

IMG_5961      IMG_5941

One of the main places we visited several times during the week was Princes Street. Home to the famous Balmoral Hotel this was where the main celebrations were taking place. There was a festival market and a giant Ferris wheel all lit up with lights. It was great to walk down their all night as it had a really nice atmosphere and we even got to enjoy the beautiful view when we stopped for sushi one night!

IMG_5920      IMG_5919

There was a second festival village up in St Andrew’s Square and there was a big circular ice rink around the monument in the middle! It was great fun and of course we had to have a go! You could even cross a little bridge over the ice rink to the center where there was a bar serving Drambuie Hot Toddys and Bailey’s Hot Chocolate (YUM).

IMG_5907      photo

Soon it was time to head home which was very sad.. But we felt nice and rested after the wedding. It was great to explore Edinburgh, see the sights and celebrate Hogmonay with the locals! I think I can safetly say we did everything while we were there, I tried Whisky for the first time, bought a Graham Tartan Scarf (as I am officially a Graham now eep!!) and even got to sneak in a lie in or two! We had a great time and I hope we’ll get to go back soon.



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