L’escargo Bleu – Edinburgh *Honeymoon*

The day after the wedding (30th Dec) is all a bit of a blur now and it makes me wish I had written this post sooner! We travelled in the evening and I don’t think I’ll ever forget the cold wind I felt when getting off the plan at Edinburgh Airport! They’re not kidding when they say Scotland is chilly!


With our cases we boarded our tram (still a novelty! It’s a train on the road!!) to York Place where our B&B was. It turns out that the tram goes along a road called Prince’s Street to get to York Place. Princes Street was where the hogmanay celebrations were taking place on New Years Eve so the whole street had been shut in preparation for the street party! Cue a rather long walk with cases for me and Josh. The B&B was lovely and had the biggest bed I have even seen! I’m 5″3 and I could literally jump in the middle of the bed with limbs splayed star-fish style and still not reach the edges! It was heaven

After a very long sleep, We woke up and it was New Year’s Eve! We didn’t have too much planned apart from a very special restaurant reservation! Josh and I didn’t really feel like joining the street party as it was extremely busy and we were still really worn out (who knew weddings could be so tiring?!) – all I wanted to see were some sparkly fireworks which luckily we could see from our B&B window! If anyone saw the Edinburgh fireworks or saw them on TV you’ll know they were massive – I’m pretty sure the whole of Edinburgh could see them!

Our special reservation was at a little restaurant called “L’escargot bleu”. All I knew before going was that our reservation was at 8:30pm and included a set menu 3 course meal.

L'escargot bleu

L’escargot Bleu is at 56 Broughton Street. An old part of Edinburgh with lots of side roads and cobbled streets. This beautiful restaurant was situated just off the road above a small place called Pickles. (Pickles is a hard one to describe but I will do my best in another post because it was amazing!)

Unfortunately I did not get a copy of the set menu but I can tell you what Josh and I enjoyed for our meal! Apologise for the slightly blurred photos – the atmosphere was romantic with twinkling lights and the tables quite close together – I’m far too easily embarrassed to use the flash in a situation like that!

For starters Josh and I had the same thing.


Camembert is a firm favorite of ours. It’s a fairly strong in cheesy flavor (stronger than brie but well away from blue cheese!) and when it melts it turns into a oozy, cheesy, velvety pile of deliciousness. These particular chunks of my favorite cheese were wrapped in delicate filo pastry, baked into submission and served with caramelized onion and a small salad. It was definitely a winner with this pair of cheese lovers.


For our main course we decided on entrecôte – or very nice steak to you and me! I never know how to ask for a steak in restaurants, I like it a little bit pink still so at home I would refer to it as medium-rare. But when eating out I usually ask for it medium as nothing puts me off steak more than seeing it “juices” still flowing. But I shouldn’t have worried in this case – the steak was cooked perfectly just how I like it! It even came with it’s own pool of blue cheese sauce and it’s own side dish of potato dauphinoise (potato baked in cream and nutmeg with a sprinkle of cheese on top). I think the dairy may have got a bit much for Josh at this point – and he’s not the biggest fan of blue cheese – but he still enjoyed it! I, on the other hand, have no problem with too-much-cheese-syndrome and earned the name “Queen of Cheese”.

Dessert – was the cheese board! Only joking 😉


Joshua had a slice of chocolate torte with a creme anglais. I had a beautiful creme brûlée. I can’t speak for Josh’s torte but I really enjoyed my creme brûlée. The creamy part can sometimes be too sweet but this wasn’t too rich or sweet – a perfect partner for the crackly sugar on top.

It was a brilliant meal and the service was excellent. It was a great way to spend NYE together before watching those fireworks!


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