I’m Married!! :D

Happy New Year Everyone! I am currently writing from Edinburgh in Scotland (edit: I’m actually back now – I wrote this but had no wifi…) where I am spending my honeymoon with Joshua. We had such a lovely wedding day and I thought I’d write a little post to share it with you!

I posted a quick post the night before because I was feeling quite nervous but when I woke up in the morning I definitely felt worse! I just had to concentrate on getting ready and keep busy to stop my mind from wandering! My hair and make-up went really well and didn’t take too long. I then had a few minutes to spare and had a cup of tea before it was time to get into my dress. Belinda, my photographer, was there while I was getting ready and she was so nice! She even ran downstairs to get my flowers when they arrived! The photo’s she took are so good – and a lot of the photo’s on this blog belong to her 🙂








Once we were ready we hopped into our wedding car to head to the church. I was really really nervous by this point so it was nice to sit with my family and relax for five minutes! We chatted the whole way and lots of selfies were taken! The journey wasn’t that long to the church so we were there in no time! On the way out of the car – disaster struck! I caught my dress on the side of the car and got a (albiet small!) muddy swipe on the side of my dress at the bottom. Honestly it was a relief! White dresses are a magnet for mess and it was a relief that I didn’t have to worry about not getting the slightest patch of dirt on it after that!

The church was great – I’d been there the day before with my mum and lovely lady from the church who helped us do lots of the decorations. The florist came to do the flowers the day before and when I walked down the aisle everything looked perfect! Especially Josh who looked particularly dapper in his kilt in the proper Graham Tartan! The ceremony was really relaxed and people kept telling me afterwards how nice it was! We had a videographer come and film it so although my memory of it all is now a bit blurry – I’ll be able to watch it back later!







After the ceremony finished we waited at the back of the church and all our guests went outside to shower us in confetti! And shower us they did – I was picking it out of my hair even at the end of the night! Everything went by so fast and although we spent quite a bit of time taking family photographs it felt like we were sitting down to our meal altogether in no time. I’m so excited!! I can finally tell you what we ate! I was dying to write about it but I didn’t dare just in case someone saw the post and I ruined the suprise!

For starter we had pork and chicken terrine with toasted baguette and caramelised onions. The terrine was lovely and was in layers. You would have a layer of the pork terrine and then a layer of smoked chicken, then another layer of pork and so on. It was about 6-7 layers thick and shaped in a triangle – it looked amazing but unfortunately I wasn’t in charge of my phone at the time so I didn’t get any pictures! If anyone was vegetarian or had any kind of intolerance they had a watermelon and feta salad with a nice tangy dressing instead.

For mains we served Pork loin with leek mash and tender stem broccoli, it even came with extra sauce, crackling and apple sauce in jars and pots on each table. As before if anyone was intolerant to anything or vegetarian they were treated to filled filo parcels, filled with mushrooms, mozarella, tomatoes and a pesto dressing. I think everything went down really well.

For dessert we had a treacle tart and ice cream – I didn’t get a chance to eat much of it – I was pretty full by that point! So spent the time going round to speak to all the guests and ask them how they were getting on. It was a good chance to speak to everyone because the day can go so quickly!








After the meal it was time for the cutting of the cake and speeches! I knew Josh was a bit nervous before his but he did really well and he was so sweet! He made sure to thank everyone who came and he did such a great job of keeping everyone entertained – I was really proud 🙂 My dad also gave a speech which was really thoughtful and he was really funny too. The best women Jess and Josie also gave a speech which had lots of funny stories (that weren’t too embarrassing for Josh!) but overall I think everyone got to see what a kind and loving man I was lucky enough to marry ❤

We then had a little break (which I spent making sure the playlist was going to work for the evening and taking more photos…) where some people could have a rest before the evening began. There isn’t much to say about the evening other than it was brilliant. I think everyone had a great time, there was lots of chatting, drinking and dancing! It was so nice to see everyone catching up and enjoying themselves. My feet ached so much by the end of the night but it was totally worth it! Hope you enjoyed my little run through of the wedding day – I’ll get back to posting about food soon! Next few posts will be places we visited on our honeymoon ^_^



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