My New Year’s Resolutions!

It’s taken me two days but I think I’ve figured out my New Years Resolutions. I love NYR’s because they give me a chance to start again with a fresh start but this year instead of giving things up I’m going to take on some new habits!

1. Do yoga on a regular basis – not necessarily every day because I know I won’t but often and with purpose!

2. Be more sustainable – recycle, buy items that are made to last and invest in local businesses.

3. Eat more greens and cook healthier food – this is on my list every year but now I’m a nutrition student and really need to get myself together 😛

4. Me more mindful – learn to not let stress get on top of me and choose to be happier and more positive even when situations would push me to feel otherwise. No more worry – life it too short!

5. Invest in the friendships around me – life can get really busy sometimes but there really is no substitute for a girly chat and a coffee!

6. Travel more – not abroad but to see more of the UK and of Kent, get to know more of my history, my local area and parts of the UK I’ve never even heard of!

7. Give love away – love everyone! Love Josh, my family, my friends, my fellow students, my neighbors and love myself. Love is free, make the effort and give it away!


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