A blog post from Wedding-Eve!

Here I am at my hotel the night before my wedding.

Mum and my sisters (bridesmaids) are now on their way but I came first with my dress, wedding boxes and overnight bag in tow. I’ve now got my wedding dress out of it’s bag so it can hang up and any creases can drop out before tomorrow – it looks really pretty and I think Josh will love it 🙂

It’s been a stressful old day.. last minute problems were bound to crop up! But everything is pretty much sorted now. All that’s left now is to rest, relax, go for a swim and have some dinner – then a big glass of wine to help me sleep!

I’ve not been blogging much recently – this last week has been so busy I’ve written some recipes in my drafts folder but I’ve been too tired to structure them into proper posts! In the New Year things will go back to normal and I have plenty to write about!

Yesterday I had lots of friends round for a hen-ish-night, lots of which I hadn’t seen for ages! It was nice and chilled, lots of food and drink and laughing. Even Josh’s best women came which was really nice because I got to chat to them a bit more about how tomorrow is going to go.

I hope I can get to sleep tonight – I have a feeling I won’t get much.. Worrying about not sleeping will be completely counterproductive so I’m trying not too. But I think there isn’t a single part about tomorrow I’m not secretly worried about. I’m hoping my swim in a little while will help me calm down! There’s nothing now that needs doing or organizing or taking anywhere or explaining to anyone. I JUST CAN’T SWITCH MY BRAIN OFF – ITS LIKE I HAVE TOO MANY TABS OPEN.

Good luck sleeping then…

It all kicks off nice and early tomorrow. The photographer, hair dresser and make-up artist come at 9am to make a start. Then at 11:30am our car should be outside ready to take us to the church. The ceremony starts at 12 noon and lasts for about 45 minutes then once we are finished there we head back to the hotel again where our reception is. There’s a bit of hanging around for people for a while – we have a band playing then and the bar will be open but me, Josh and some of the family will be off taking pictures. Then the meal we are having starts about 3:30pm and I’m so nervous right now that I can’t even remember what we are eating! After that we have a little break and then meet up again at 7:30pm where some more guests will join us for a dance and a buffet and stuff. It seems like a really long day! Lots of family to see and people to meet and names to remember! Just need to remember to keep breathing and not trip over my dress! I’m sure it’ll fly by.

Then we are off to Edinburgh in Scotland for a few days for a relax and an explore before I’m due back at University on the 5th. I’m looking forward to it – one of the first blog posts I wrote was when Josh got back from Edinburgh when he had his Kilt made and he brought me back some fudge! I think we are going out for tea a few times while we are away so I’m sure I will write about it all when I’m home.

Ok well I think this post has been enough of a ramble! Helped me de-stress anyway! Will post pictures up of tomorrow when I have some 🙂


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