Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park – Date Day in London


Me and Josh got a chance to head into London for a spot of Christmas shopping and a look around the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. When we got off the train we were feeling hungry so we went over to china town to pick up a snack! It’s nice having a travelcard included in your railcard! Every time I look at the picture above all I can see is the look of joy on my face as I’m looking at that char su bao – it makes me smile! Char su bao are small bread buns with a sweet bbq pork filling. The bread itself is steamed so it’s fluffy like a cloud! It’s one of my favourite dim sum elements, that is also available to take away from lots of the small shops and bakeries in China Town.

We spent a good chunk of time over at Westfield’s shopping centre in Stratford which was looking nice and christmassy. I also spent a very good chunk of time in the Lush store there but we won’t talk about that 😉 All I will say is they have lots of seasonal themed soaps and body bars that smell amazing!








When the sun set and we were ready for dinner we took the tube over to Hyde Park which is currently hosting the Winter Wonderland! Now I’ve been going on about it for ages since I had my first Bratwurst and Rochester’s Christmas Market the other week, but I really wanted to try Curry Wurst. I’d seen it before on my travels but never really knew what it was! The bratwurst sausage is first steamed, then fried, chopped up into pieces and then doused in curry-ketchup and a sprinkle of curry powder. Its a German dish thats usually a fast food. Given that Winter Wonderland is all bavarian themed (and beautiful!) there are plenty of stalls that sell these. It comes on a little plate with a fresh, warm bread roll ready to be made into a make-your-own sandwich!


I’m only sorry I couldn’t get a better picture – it was rather dark and I was relying on those twinkly lights! It was delicious! Definitely a fast food and not the most healthy but filling and fun all the same. Definitely worth trying and all part of the experience!











When me and Josh first started seeing each other we would often meet up in London. One particular occasion on a very cold December’s evening we walked along Southbank and enjoyed the Christmas Market there (it’s actually moved to Bankside this year if you want to check it out!). Joshua bought me a stick of marshmallows and strawberries covered in melted chocolate and we sat down on the steps watching the world go by. It was so nice. So on our way out of Winter Wonderland, about to head home, when our eye clapped on this mega chocolate fountain – we couldn’t resist! They had four of these fountains!! One dark chocolate, one white, on milk and one that was pink! Josh was very surprised I didn’t go for the pink one but I think he underestimates my love of white chocolate 😛



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