DIY Wish Tree Hanging Table Names – Warning Wedding Spoilers!

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There will probably be many more Wedding Spoilers in the next couple of weeks – so I’ve put a warning in the title just for any wedding guests who stumble along this blog from Facebook or my Twitter 😛 Because this post will contain quite a few details!

Organising and preparing for this wedding with all its stress, anxiety, dealing with family members and trying to stick to some kind of budget has been hard. There have been times when I cried, stomped my feet, needed a hug and one particular occasion where I was so depressed Joshua tied a blanket like a cape around my shoulders and told me that it would all be ok because I was the batgirl to his batman – his one and only sidekick. He is very special and in the last couple of weeks (technically 15 days now ahh!) I’ve been trying to claw back some of the joy, love and excitement about the wedding that I felt in the very beginning. I love being crafty and when I started dreaming about what I wanted our wedding to look like I hit Pinterest with a vengeance and marvelled at the crafty creations people had made for their wedding. I really wanted to make a few things myself! I didn’t get to do as much as I would’ve liked (because sadly, contrary to popular opinion, I’m not really a superhero…) but I stuck to my guns on a couple of things.

First Spoiler! My table plan! I saw one that I really liked on Etsy about a year ago but it wasn’t available anymore.. I tried for ages to find one like it but I just never saw one that I liked as much! So then I had the idea to make my own! Unfortunately it’s not assembled yet as we need to transport it back to Norfolk – and that so much easier in pieces! But when it’s up I will take a photo.

The next thing I’ve made it the table names. We decided to be a bit different and name our tables rather than give them numbers. We picked some of the favourite places me and Josh have visited or lived and named the tables after them. As we are getting married in December getting hold of flowers (for various reasons) was just turning into a bit of a nightmare so instead of flower centre pieces we have wish trees! They’re small wooden trees with sticky out branches that guests at weddings usually attach a tag to with a wish or message for the bride or groom. In the end we tracked down 12 of them and we have them on each table with some special decorations. We could’ve had the table names on the table themselves but I thought it would be more fun to make some hanging decorations myself with the table names on them! I’ll tell you how I made them:

You will need:

  • Coloured card for mounting your names (or numbers if you would rather)
  • Printout of the names on white card in a nice clear font.
  • Cellotape
  • Foam Sticky Blocks (used for card making – very common and found in almost every craft store ever – if in doubt ebay!)
  • Beads on a string!


There’s no real other way to describe these – they literally are small clear crystal style beads on a string. Because I needed quite a bit – and i’m using it for some other things – I got a whole reel of the stuff (meters and meters and meters..) off ebay for £9.99. It did take a while to come as it was shipped from Hong Kong but otherwise I’m really pleased – it adds a nice bit of sparkle! If you didn’t want to use something like this – ribbon or thin fancy string would work well too. Just cut it up into small lengths – just long enough that they hang nicely.


First of all line everything up in one of the corners of the coloured card. You want there to be a small rim of coloured card showing around the edge on all the sides – I didn’t measure anything and did this by eye because at this point we are just using it as a guide! Then take your length of string/ribbon and roughly lay it out. You’re aiming for a couple of centimetres in from each end of your word. This is because the next step is to stick it down and you need to know that the sticky tape isn’t going to show round the sides! It will all get hidden away. Don’t stick it too far away from the top edge as it’ll poke out the bottom and not too high or you won’t get a nice tidy edge of the coloured card. At the risk of sounding like Goldilocks: In the middle is just right. If your not sure get a couple of pieces of scrap paper and do a mock one first!


Now if you’re using ribbon or really flat string double sided sticky tape would be fine for this step! But because my beads are quite chunky I used these little block-foam-sticky-things (also know as foam sticky craft squares). They are padded so give a big of height which means the beads can slip behind without making it all lumpy! I do four to start with – one in each corner, and as some of my words were quite long, I lined the word up and stuck a couple in the middle where the gap between the beads will be. Then stick them down (some foamy squares have a sticky-back bit you need to peel off first) onto the card leaving that nice border showing around the edge. You shouldn’t be able to see any of the cellotape holding the beads on – which is great if they are hanging up and people might see the back!

Then all thats left is to cut the other two edges on the coloured card!


Ta da! I think they look great as they are – but you can also go an extra step and add some little sparkly bits or decorations to give them extra zazzle!



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