Oh Boy Here Comes The Stress Monster

I had a nice plan to write a post all about this giant sausage roll I made last week (and the week before because it was that good!) but I feel like this one might have to be a personal ramble moan post again!

Now things have really kicked in at Uni I’m finding it hard to find time to blog – it’s sad really because I love it! I’m currently tucked up in bed feeling pretty ill and sorry for myself so I finally had a chance to steal a few moments to type! Things are feeling pretty overwhelming at the moment and I could easily fall apart with the amount I’ve got going on. But I really just have to keep going. In the words of Dory..

“Just Keep Swimming”

University is going well. I’m really enjoying it now – I felt quite out of my depth to start with and didn’t understand much of what was being said in my lectures. But now I’ve been here a while I’m understanding much more. I’m getting really worried about December. I have several deadlines in December and a couple in January so I know that my fellow students will be busy over Christmas revising and writing lab reports. I will be at my wedding and then off on my honeymoon – terrible timing! As a result I’m working over time keeping up to date with work and preparing for the essays and deadlines I know are looming in the distance. So far everything is ok and some of my lecturers are impressed that I’m doing everything straight away, as soon as I get it. Its strange because on the one hand I feel in control, working through systematically what I’m being given. But on the other hand I feel like people are throwing lots of tennis balls at me and I’m desperately trying to catch as many as I can! It’s stressful and I’m not the least bit surprised I am ill now. I’ve spent the last few weeks at uni 6 days a week (mostly in the library writing lab reports and doing online tests) even though I only have lectures on 3 days! It’s exhausting to keep this up and not really that fun either – I’ve had to drop out of most of the societies I joined at the beginning of term and as a result I only have a very small group of friends that I know from my class.

As for the wedding, things are coming along nicely! Lots of things are now sorted (including the seating plan which I thought would take me forever!) but I can’t help wonder how everything is going to come together on the day – because I have no idea! There are so many different elements to a wedding so although I think they’re organised, I have no idea if they will all fall together on the day. I’m sure they will – but it’s a constant worry. People always things weddings are a happy time but this has been a seriously stressful year! I’ll be looking forward to January when it’ll be done and I can spend some time enjoying married life with Josh 😀

On top of that I’ve just taken on a new job with the university. Its ok though because you can tell them when you can work – I doubt I will do anything this side of Christmas but it’s great to know I have this job to help supplement my student loan and it’s as an ambassador working with young people – something I’ve always really enjoyed.

On top of all this stuff I’m trying really hard to take on extra things that will help my employability for when I graduate, I’m putting a fair amount of pressure on myself to look for placements and work experience – but I think I need to leave myself alone! I can only do so much and whilst it’s good that I’m being proactive and thinking about those things – maybe now isn’t quite the best time. It doesn’t help that the university keep telling us to work on those skills that will make us employable and stand out from the crowd. Thats by no means a negative thing – but I think if I take on anything else I might explode and the talks they give us make me feel guilty for not devoting more time to it. I think I just need to be kind to myself, take a deep breath, acknowledge that I’m a bit stuck time-wise until Christmas but that in the New Year, things will be different and I can work on these extra things.

Phew.. Glad I got that out of my system! If you read all of that I’m amazed! Do any of you have times where you feel like you’ve taken on too much and are spinning plates? What helps you “just keep swimming”? Feel free to comment 🙂


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