A personal foodie update!

I have a couple of things I wanted to share with you so I’ve decided todays post will just be an update one!

I’m super super excited as I’ve just registered for my ticket to go to Food Matters Live at the London ExCel Centre in a few weeks time. After I graduate I really want to go into new product research and development for vegetarian and free-from products. So when I saw that the Wednesday had lots of different “Free-from” seminars in store – I practically jumped at the chance to go! I still have to work out the details as I’m technically supposed to be having a meeting with my personal tutor that morning – I’m hoping she will understand though as she was the person who recommended this event to me in an email recently – but I still need to check! Anyway I am super super excited! You can check out their website here and their seminar schedule here!

In other news.. I went out for an indian the other day with Josh and one of his friends – and I didn’t order a korma. This is quite a big deal for me because I always play it safe with indian food. I’m not really sure why because although I don’t like super-hot things, I am ok with spicy food. I have korma all the time and occasionally I’ll have Butter Chicken, but after that I’ve never moved on and I’ve been meaning to give proper flavourful Indian food a go. We went to a restaurant in Rochester called the Cumin Club. This was very different to indian food that I’ve had before, as a lot of the indian restaurant I’ve been too are quite westernised, but this one was much more about the flavours and spices. In the end I went for Chicken Biryani. I really enjoyed it too! It wasn’t that spicy (hot spicy) but had lots of flavour and the special sauce that came with it was delicious. I would recommend giving biryani a go if you’ve not tried a lot of indian food before because although it was flavourful it was a nice heat and not overly hot. I feel like I might be late the Biryani Party.. But thats ok – better late than never and I’d never tried it before! It’s always good to try new things because often you’ll be pleasantly surprised! If you don’t know what biryani (or biriani) is it’s like a rice mixed with spices and your choice of meat, served with a sauce which is a bit like a mild vegetable curry. It’s nice just to mix it all up! I’m sorry if you new what a biryani was before I said – I feel like that might be obvious – but I’m hoping this paragraph speaks to all the other Korma people out there!

Tonights dinner consisted of baked chicken breasts, microwaved rice and nando’s lemon and herb sauce.. Very tasty, but not very exciting. Josh went out this evening so I needed something quick! 😀


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