CJ’s Baguette Shop – Canterbury








I went to see my little sister a couple of weeks ago. My sisters and I are 22, 20, and 18 (I am the oldest) but have all started university this September. My youngest sister is studying Biology with the University of Kent on the Canterbury campus – which isn’t that far from me here on Greenwich’s Campus in Medway. So we went up and saw her and explored the Canterbury a bit together. We explored the shops, the Hotel Chocolat, took a look at their amazing Cathedral and then went for lunch at this amazing sandwich bar called CJ’s. There’s a link to them here and their twitter.









We’d heard lots of good things about their baguettes so this is what we went to try. As it was a Sunday they had an amazing Roasted Turkey baguette (with stuffing and cranberry sauce) as their special. Both Josh and Christina decided to go for that one, unfortunately it was right at the end of the lunch rush so they ran out after they had orders. It was actually that bad of a thing, Christina ended up getting the odds and ends of what was left (i.e. all the crispy bits!) and I got to try their southern fried chicken and sour cream baguette. In the end Christina and I swapped half for half so we both got to try both! I can report – they were both delicious. The Roast Turkey, cranberry and stuffing was great and was everything you want from a baguette – and the baguette itself was soft and not too hard. I prefer my baguettes than way – I think that much be a kickback from my brace-wearing days when eating hard foods hurt!











The elderflower drink that I had was also really nice and refreshing. Obviously we couldn’t leave without trying their millionaire shortbread and a cookie – we were really hungry… Everything we had was delicious and the place itself was really cool. The building itself really stood out from the rest of the road, it looks like a greek building like a parthanon with a glass front! The food itself was served in quirky little baskets and I just generally thought place had a calm, relaxed atmosphere. I’d recommend seeking this place out and giving it a try if you want to catch a quick lunch whilst exploring Canterbury 🙂


One thought on “CJ’s Baguette Shop – Canterbury

  1. I too love CJ’s! Really good value and delicious fillings (the BBQ chicken was always my favourite!). I worked in Canterbury for years and it was always really popular with myself and all my colleagues- especially in summer when we’d grab a CJs and head to Dane John park for some fresh air and sunshine!


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