Rochester’s Farmers Market

This is a day later than I’d planned and it’s been a whole week since I last posted! A whole week! Life took over this week and I had so much uni work to do (I spent the whole day in the library on Saturday) and I haven’t been feeling very well either. So it’s been a bit of a long week and I have missed getting the chance to sit and write.

Ages ago I mentioned that I was going to try out the local farmers markets and as you can probably see by the title of this post – I finally got a chance to! On Sunday I got up nice and early to head off into Rochester and take a walk round and see what kind of produce they had.

I did take a couple of photos but it was kinda dreery looking, kinda grey and I was still half asleep so my finger covered half one of the photos anyway! But I will leave a link here to Rochester’s page on the Kent Farmers Market Association website –  then you can see some photo’s that actually do it justice!

I have to say I really enjoyed looking around and picked up the couple of things that I wanted (and resisted some beautiful smelling candles…) and as a result I have a mini foodie ‘haul’ to share with you:


IMG_5578     IMG_5541













The two bags on the left of my picture I can’t talk about just yet! They’re for my foodie pen pal so I don’t want to spoil it just in case they see this post before I get a chance to send it! They also weren’t from the farmers market – but actually handmade from a little shop called Pips in Rochester.

I hope that Josh doesn’t see this post before he gets home either – he’s travelling home as we speak from his Stag Weekend so he’s going to see a nice big bottle of Pear and Cox Juice sat on the table for him as a present for when he gets home. He loves really good apple juice – like the one you’ll see in my last post about the Hop Shop in Seavenoaks. The nice man from Pawley Farm let me try a little bit first before I bought it so I know it’s deliciously sweet!

In the top right picture is probably the best focaccia I’ve ever had and was topped with tomato and cheese. It’s delicious and hasn’t dried out much since I bought it. It’s nice and dense but it’s full of flavour and the cheese and tomato on top makes it awesome. I even had it for lunch today dipped in butternut squash soup – yum!

In the bottom left picture is… drum roll (because it seriously deserves it!)… a sweet chili sausage roll from Dine Thyme. This was A-MAY-ZING all in capitals. It had just the right amount of kick and has inspired me to give sausage roll making a go this week myself. This was a slight splurge and I had it was my lunch as soon as I got home. You can click through the photo to their website or you can find them on twitter.

That’s all I got this time but I loved having a wander around and everyone was really friendly. Another stall I wanted to mention was one called Gaia Creations. I love candles. Josh can vouch for me – I am totally candle obsessed. These however are soy wax candles and they smelled amazing! I recommend going to take a look around their website (which you can find here) The man on the stall was so nice and didn’t mind me sniffing all the different ones! I didn’t buy any this time but I’m going to invest in a few as Christmas presents for myself for my family very soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I can get back on track with my uni work so I can write a bit more regularly! While I was waiting for Pips to open I went and had a wander around Rochester – it’s so beautiful there and probably one of my favorite places – here are some of my favorite pictures.












One thought on “Rochester’s Farmers Market

  1. Thank you for taking the time to visit our market, and for your lovely comments about our producers. We hope you will come and visit us again soon. Our next market is Sunday 16th November


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