Well here I am! At the end of my first week as an official student! This week hasn’t been too taxing, it’s mainly been talks from the student union, my new course lecturers and learning about the university and it’s IT systems! It’s been really interesting and I’m so glad to be here! I feel like the uni expect a lot of you and expect you to work really hard but at the same time they are really supportive and will really fight your corner 🙂 I even got to meet my personal tutor earlier on this week who is the head of the Human Nutrition department (eek!) and she seemed really nice. I’m looking forward to having more meetings with her.

Aside from that we’ve been told a lot about a part of our course called PDP. It’s compulsory, makes up 25% of our overall grade and is all about personal development. We did something like it in sixth form and I really didn’t engage with it at all.. But I think this time it will be different! I’m really looking forward to getting started this time! You use a piece of software called PebblePad and you record anything from volunteering hours, part-time work to extra courses I might do or workshops I might attend. Its nice because I plan on doing quite a few extra curricular activities this year and I can now write it all down and it will all go towards my final grades! They even do rewards if you keep up with it often. One thing Greenwich are really good at is giving you the chance to gain lots of skills and knowledge about what employers look for and they run loads of workshops on making a C.V. and psychometric testing etc. It’s really nice that they don’t just see it as a degree for learning’s sake but actually to help you gain employment at the end.

Tomorrow is Friday which means I’ve finished my first whole week! I have the fresher’s fayre in the morning (there will be free pizza and lots of societies and sports clubs to join!) then we are celebrating by going out for lunch at a chinese place I’ve been eyeing up for a little while. Then coming back for a cosy evening in! I’m going to relax with a nice warm bath and some hot chocolate 😀

I haven’t got a huge amount to write food-wise at the moment. Most of my latest posts have been personal because I’ve had so much on what with starting uni I haven’t had a lot of time! Maybe I’ll write about the chinese place tomorrow – or give you the recipe for my super-duper hot chocolate!

When my course starts properly from next week I’ll be learning lots of really interesting stuff about food and the human body so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write! (Also I’ll get more stressed and nothing relaxes me more than baking or trying out new recipes!) I wrote in a previous post that I have started juicing and I have kept up with it really well. I’m enjoying lots of fresh fruit juices in the morning! This morning me and Josh drank a whole pineapple and two apples between us – probably lots of sugar but a really vitamin packed way to start the day – and delicious too!


One thought on “Phew!

  1. It’s great to hear you are enjoying settling in at uni! I found uni a great time to experiment with cooking, and if you can make nice cakes you’ll have instant new friends!


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