Hops’N’Harvest Festival Recap and my first week at uni!

On Saturday I spent the day at the Hops ‘n’ Harvest Beer Festival at Kent Life in Maidstone. It was a fantastic weekend and I loved seeing a lot of the local bands and artists who got up to play. Josh was working on the sound team so I got to spend a lot of time watching and listening to the music! The music itself was actually organised by Fred Clarke – who did a brilliant job! He’s a really good friend and I recommend checking out his music (he’s on itunes and soundcloud), his Facebook page and his latest album! He’s really talented and his set on Saturday was brilliant. I especially enjoyed the first song “In Time” where he used a loop pedal – I’m always impressed when a loop pedal is used well!

Another one of my favourite sets of the day was done by a guy called Jack Bowden on the session stage. This is his Facebook page, he was a really nice guy and his set was brilliant (even if most people stayed outside to enjoy the sun!).

There were lots of other acts during the day including Gentleman of Few, Kaleidophone, The Paul Dunton Ensemble and the headlining act of the evening, Coco and the Butterfields who were absolutely brilliant! If you enjoy finding new music and local bands then head through to their Facebook pages and check them out 🙂

Kent Life was also such a fun place to be in the nice weather! I got to learn lots about how beer was made, how the hops were harvested and dried and even got to see some cows, bunnies and alpacas! The beer festival itself featured beer and cider from the local area and it was a great chance to sit on the hill, listen to the music, eat the food (also local) and drink some beer 🙂



















I learnt a lot while I was there too! Apparently hop plants are grown upwards on strands of wire or rope and then cut down at harvest time. Then everyone gets together around one of these trough-looking-things and picks the hops off the plant. The hops are then dried in a big kiln and then sent off to the brewery to add flavour to the beer!

So once my weekend was over it was Monday morning which meant.. My first day of University!! I’m now officially a Bsc Human Nutrition student at the University of Greenwich on the Medway Campus in Kent. At the time of writing this I’ve been there two days and it’s been a lot of fun. Lots of information has been thrown in my direction and it can be quite overwhelming at times but I’ve been getting involved and meeting lots of new people. I’m in a class with lots of Biomedical Science students (we take a lot of the same modules in the first year) and today I got a chance to be introduced to my personal tutor as well as some other nutrition students! I’ve been having lots of fun but I’ve been sleeping so much because I think all this new stuff has really taken it out of me! Tomorrow I have a nice chilled day off which I am going to spend at my favourite cafe in Rochester with Josh and then we are taking a long walk by Rochester castle and the river. Hopefully I will get some more foodie blogs written tomorrow ready to post!


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