Good Morning Everyone!

The last few posts I have done have been eating out so I thought I would share a bit about my foodie life at home because I think it will have an impact on this blog and the food I’ll be talking about! I’ve been trying to go vegetarian for quite a lot time – I’ve always found it really difficult for one reason or another and something has always stopped me. Well I’m happy to say today is my third day of being meat free and I feel great! I have lots of reasons for doing it from animal rights, health reasons to being generally disillusioned by the food industry and confused about what actually does go into my food!

Overall I just don’t really want to eat meat anymore – so I’m not 🙂

It’s not all ‘cutting foods out’ though – I’ve been adding lots more fruits and veggies in and I’ve jumped on the juicing bandwagon! I heard about juicing after watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross on Netflix but I watched “Hungry for Change” (Also on Netflix!) a few days ago which really encouraged me to give it a go! The first juice I made was out of kale, celery, lemon, ginger and apples it was the brightest green colour! The great news is that it doesn’t taste bad at all and I’m really funny about texture (one reason why I don’t like smoothies or yogurt with bits in) and I still haven’t been put off. It’s weird because writing this post I can hear myself sounding like other posts that I’ve read before encouraging people like me to give it a try and I didn’t believe them that it didn’t taste bad! But they’re right! I imagine that it would all taste like the smell of boiling cabbage or something but it doesn’t, it tastes fresh, light, fruity and with a hint of that ‘green’ flavour.

I honestly think this will work so well for me and I can get a lot of the nutrients that I’ve been missing out of my diet in a really easy way. I hate kale and I really hate celery but I’ve had half a bag of kale and two sticks of celery in my morning juice! I have to say I’m quite impressed 🙂

Juicing/juicers don’t have to be super expensive either. My juicer (which is amazing) is a Cookworks one from Argos and cost me £40. I love it and I’ve used it four times already and I only got it two days ago! As for ingredients I’ve worked out to get enough apples, lemons, ginger, kale and celery for a week (as well as some extra carrots for carrot/apple juice) it would cost £10 from Asda – and £4 of that was on apples alone so I’m sure I can get that cheaper from a market or something! It didn’t take me that long, the juicer is really easy to clean and I made this morning’s juice yesterday morning and stored it to save time and washing up. They say you can keep the juice up to 3 days but I would really only leave it a day because I’m pretty sure the flavour gets stronger and it wasn’t as good today as it was yesterday..

There are lots of resources that have been really useful to me and I recommend them if you are interested. Here is the list but I recommend Fat Sick and Nearly Dead if you are interested in Juicing and Vegucated if you are interested in becoming a vegetarian over the others if you are pushed for time!


Vegetarian Wise

So I’ve made quite a few changes and I’m sure I’ll post some of my new juice recipes soon! I’m still going to keep my blog going pretty much the same – just adding in some healthier stuff and featuring more vegetarian recipes! There are a lot of ‘healthy food’ blogs out there I know but this is about my journey with food and this is the way we are going! I will post plenty about how I’m doing this as a student on a student budget and I’m sure I’ll still keep going out to eat with Josh too. I went out for tea last night to Chimichanga’s (to celebrate our anniversary of when we got engaged) for a vegetarian enchilada but I’ve been drinking so much clean food and juice that eating carbohydrates again really hurt my tummy. I’m sure it was delicious but not sure I can give that one a fair review! Comment below if you are juicing blog or are a vegetarian blog as I’m now looking for some more people to follow!


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