Cafe Rouge – Centre Parcs Elveden

Last week I went on a midweek break to the amazing Centre Parcs in Elveden, Thetford. I’ve been going there since I was born and I love it there. As soon as I get in the forest I feel so relaxed because I know it so well. We used to go altogether as a family but now we sometimes we go with my mum and enjoy chilling out and using the aqua sana spa and sometimes we will go with our dad and play badminton and race each other down the rapids! Either way we always have a fantastic time spending time together, catching up and this time it was dad’s turn.









We went out for meals twice while we were there. The restaurants can be expensive but we did still go out for a treat. Last time we went to Elveden we went to Hucks, and while we had been before and really enjoyed it, the service was so bad we decided not to risk it this time.. So we decided to try something new – Cafe Rouge – which we had never been to before!


First off the service was fantastic and our waitress was really knowledgable about the menu and even though we had loads of questions about portion size and whether they could change certain things, she was really cool and helpful about the whole thing.

For starters my sister’s decided to share humous and sliced french bread – I think our family has a slightly unhealthy relationship with humous – we are a bit obsessed – which is understandable given how amazing it is!! In the end I opted for breaded deep fried camembert with cranberry and redcurrant sauce (I know talk about calories but I had a fairly healthy main so I didn’t care!) and my dad had Pâté Rouge (smooth chicken liver, shallot & madeira pâté, served with a baguette) which he really seemed to enjoy. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of his, but here are the others anyway! All were totally delicious – I just wished I could’ve had more of the cranberry sauce because there was plenty of cheese!









For mains I decided to go for a salad called Paysanne which had grilled chicken with boiled egg, bacon, avocado, tomato, french beans and parmesan, served with a lemon & garlic dressing on a bed of mixed leaves. It was really nice but I wasn’t sure if I liked avocado and used this as an opportunity to try it again. But alas.. Still not a fan! The rest was lovely though and had a nice chargrilled flavour. Kerry went with Loup de Mer – a fillet of seabass and sauce vierge with baby plum tomatoes, basil, rosemary & black olive potatoes and green beans. Instead of potatoes however, she had chips, and although we teased her a bit for it that really was a good decision as the chips were amazing! Skinny and crispy just the way I like them!











Christina went with Poulet Breton – sautéed chicken breast in a creamy vegetable & white wine sauce, with butter mash and Dad went with Burger Angus a 7oz Aberdeen Angus beef burger topped with melted Gruyère cheese in a brioche-style bun. Served with frites. Both these choices looked delicious and Christina’s sauce was so flavourful everyone was dipping their chips in it when she was done!









If that wasn’t enough food already (!) we shared two of the chocolate, banana & praline torte. Served with salted caramel ice cream, and a small pot of warm, chocolate sauce. This was really rich and matched the salted caramel ice cream perfectly. As I understand it salt is sometimes paired with chocolate to bring out the flavour and that was exactly what happened with this dish – the two went together really, really well.


We had a really lovely evening out and our table was outside the actual restaurant in the Piazza. Because it was a Wednesday night they had live music which gave the evening a really nice atmosphere. Lovely evening spent with our Dad!




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