Tossed Revisited!

We were heading through Bishop’s Stortford  on the way back to Kent the other day and guess what we had again!


Josh had a nice big pot of brown rice with chicken, mozzarella, red onion, spring onion and sweetcorn with ranch dressing. He said it was delicious and even he couldn’t finish the massive pot it came in! Well it was a lot of rice!

Emily Tossed Revisited

I decided to have something of their hot menu – I wasn’t feeling all that well and wanted something warm for my tummy! I went with one of their toasted wraps. They’re all made with low GI wraps and this particular one had chicken, mozzarella and pesto. It doesn’t look like much in this picture but it was so tasty and I was filled up by the end of it – which was great because we still had to finish our drive…

Tossed Revisitied

Always really impressed by Tossed and you can see their menu here. I did a bigger post (you can find that here) about their process and how they work if you haven’t been before. Really good healthy food and recommend you check them out if there’s one near you!


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