EasiYo™ Yoghurt Maker – Review

I’ve had this nifty little gadget for a while now and it really does make good yogurt. It’s simple to set up and if I can use it – anyone can!








The EasiYo™ yogurt itself is really good – it’s wheat and gluten free, suitable for vegetarians, low in calories but full of calcium and a good source of natural fats. We made the Strawberries and Cream yogurt (which is really good with muesli!) but if you make the natural yogurt, EasiYo™ provide you with a cool list of recipes on their website that use it as an ingredient.

I realise I risk sounding like an advert so I’m going to keep this short but I’ve been really impressed with it. All you do is add water to the yogurt mix in the pot your provided with. Put some boiling water in the big flask, place the pot with the mix inside the flask like a water bath. And voila! 8-12 hours later you have your homemade yogurt 🙂 I’m not sure it’s the most cost effective way of buying yogurt (yogurt can be super-cheap) but if you’re slightly more health conscious, want all those benefits, good bacteria and the warm fuzzy feeling that you made it yourself – then you’re onto a winner!


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