Red Velvet Fudge – Royal Yacht Britannia

Me and my fiance have been engaged a year now and we are looking forward to tying the knot in December this year. Yep a winter wedding! Right after Christmas, snowflakes galore. Josh, his Dad and Grandad are scottish and are Graham’s of Montrose (it’s a scottish clan thing) so Josh will looking rather dapper in a highland dress complete with kilt, sporran and sgian dubh. Unfortunately the knife in his sock will have to be fake – I’m sure the church and the hotel will have a few things to say about people bringing knives to a party – Scottish or not!

In preparation for the big day, Josh recently went to Edinburgh for a weekend away with his Dad and while he was there he got fitted for a proper kilt in the Graham tartan. He had such a great time and had loads of stories to tell when he came back. One of which was a trip to the Royal Yacht Britannia.

For those who don’t know (as I didn’t) the Royal Yacht Britannia was the former Royal Yacht of Queen Elizabeth II. It was in service from 1954 and was decommissioned in 1997 when they didn’t really need it anymore.







Now it has made Edinburgh it’s home and last week Josh and his Dad had a tour and look around. While he was there Josh picked me up a souvenir. It was.. (drumroll please!)…

Handmade Red Velvet Fudge!

more fudgefudge








It was delicious! Red velvet isn’t that common here in the UK but it’s certainly becoming more popular as a flavour. It’s an American invention, traditional at Valentines day and usually found in cake form. Red Velvet Cake is a rich chocolate-flavoured sponge cake with a very bright red colour, typically with layers of buttercream or cream cheese icing – and has a special place in my heart. When me and Josh were first dating we would spend time together in London as we were long distance at the time and it was halfway between where we were both living. On one particular visit we made our way to the Hummingbird Bakery in Soho where I tried my first Red Velvet Cupcake. If you’re ever in the area give it a try – I promise it’ll be the best £2.65 you ever spend. We loved it so much it’s actually going to be the top two tiers of our wedding cake! I think it’ll be great to cut into our white cake and see that bright red colour – but anyway back to the fudge!

They even had a layer of buttercream on top which really capped it all off for me – my fiance knows me well!


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