The art of salad

I went through a phase as a teenager when I wouldn’t eat anything green. Put off but any kind of texture or smell it was more often the fact that I wouldn’t give foods a try more than actual dislike of taste! I think this is pretty common – and something that I feel like I have finally grown out of.

One food I’ve found a new love for is salad – any kind of salad! Apart from Rocket… I’m just not sure any kind of growing is going to help me like that peppery taste..

When on our travels from Norfolk to Kent we stopped at Birchanger Services to get a break from the traffic and the sun. There was all the usual fast food chains like KFC and Starbucks, but there was also a store called Tossed UK. I decided to twist Josh’s arm away from the KFC and we gave it a shot! You can take a look at the menu here. This healthy fast food chain has several stores now in the Uk and I was really impressed. Here’s a look at what we tried:


I decided to go for the create your own large salad option. The server will go through and ask you what base you would like it on, followed by your 1 choice of protein, 1 choice from their deli selection, 3 choices of veggies and a choice of dressing. It’s pretty sweet to say the least because I love it when I get to customise and choose my food! It’s one of the reasons I love visiting subway.. So anyway I chose chicken breast, mozzarella (not the grated stuff proper mini mozzarella balls), croutons, new potatoes, sweetcorn and some caesar dressing. It was delicious and true to its name it was all tossed to perfection – not too much dressing but just enough! It was great, filling and I was super impressed with the mini mozzarella – I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but mini mozzarella balls are one of my faves!


As you can see in the top of the picture – Josh tried one of their Low GI wraps. Wrapped up snuggly like a burrito, he had brown rice as his base topped with chicken breast, mozzarella, red onion, spring onion and sweetcorn. He thought it was awesome and said he felt full afterwards so I think we are on to a winner!

Honestly, it was nice to go somewhere a bit different and I’m definitely up for trying to get healthier foods into my diet that are equally as convenient and tasty. It’s something I’ve been trying to do for a little while and I’ve been especially been trying to help Josh sneak in those 5 a day too. So if you’re heading through London where theres a few stores or you know of one near you I recommend you give it a shot!

As for salads in my normal life – they’re a bit hit or miss! This was yesterdays concoction!


Just in case you were wondering it contains lettuce, new potatoes, caesar dressing, cashews, dried cranberries (mistake..), some garlic and herb croutons, some sweetcorn and some crumbled up Mediterranean cheese (containing olives, sundried tomato and basil) to say there were a lot of flavours going on is a bit of an understatement!

Quote of the day from my younger sister “Potatoes maketh the salad!”


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